Project Management

The Challenge

In today's dynamic business environment, many institutions often find themselves repeatedly in multiple, active projects. Resources move from one project to the next, attempting to complete the task on time and within budget. Some institutions have even created Project Management departments as a resource pool for the institutions many projects.

In either environment, the resources assigned to the project typically have little to no specific experience or expertise with the solution being implemented. The resources simply apply standard

project management methods to the project and are expected to "learn as you go". This type of approach lends to itself to project delays and change requests that increase the time and cost of the overall project.

Our Offering

PrimePoints understands the myriad responsibilities associated with managing a conversion and/or implementation of a solution or service. Our project management methodology results in projects being implemented with more speed, accuracy and efficiency. We manage communication between your staff, vendors and consulting services to create unwavering support from senior management.

PrimePoint’s value comes from the combination of project management skills, hands-on banking experience and specific vendor/solution expertise. To capitalize on this experience, our clients have utilized our PM resources for everything from fully spearheading the project to a limited advisory role. Depending on your institutions specific needs, PrimePoint will augment your resources where it makes sense.