Hitit Group

Hitit Computer Services, is a provider of LMS Loyalty Management System, is being the preferred solution for a growing number of customers worldwide.

LMS is a robust loyalty product which has evolved over the years and supported a rich set of functions that can handle the most complex and largest loyalty programs.
  • Experienced, dedicated and passionate team.
  • Modern, functional, open and easy to manage products that deliver the best value for Hitit customers.
  • Expertise in the design and management of large scale software projects.
  • In-depth knowledge of finance business and related industries.
  • High quality, disciplined and reliable support.
  • Strong and risk free financial structure that enables Hitit customers to rely on Hitit products and services for their long term goals.
The Hitit Group has been providing software products and services since 1994.  Its products and services are preferred by major corporations in all corners of the world.

The Hitit Group currently consists of three companies.  Hitit Computer Services Ltd. concentrates on clients in Turkey, while Hitit Computer Services Foreign Trade Ltd, located in the Istanbul Airport Free Zone, serves international customers.  The third company in the group, Hitit Computer Services Middle East is established at the Dubai Internet City.  This company acts as a support center for clients in the UAE and will expand operations to reach customers in the Gulf Region.  All three Hitit companies operate as a single entity, sharing resources, development efforts as well as short and long term strategies.