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From 2008 to 2010, PrimePoint was engaged by National Commercial Bank in implementation of EMV payment technology, which serves the bank as a secure and stable platform to leverage its cards business. PrimePoint consultants’ assignment was to deploy robust and scalable multi-application smartcards issuance infrastructure. They have worked with a number of vendors and NCB internal business units to implement core components for upcoming EMV migration. PrimePoint personnel were involved in all aspects of project implementation, from EMV authorisation host to chip data preparation, cards personalisation, cryptographic services, and cards data management. The consultants played a major role in NCB EMV Certification with MasterCard International and SAMA.

NCB will use chip technology as a base for all future business initiatives within cards domain. PrimePoint will continue to support NCB smartcards business growth with comprehensive technical solutions.

Through the assignment of its expert consultants, PrimePoint participated in the following at the National Commercial bank: Managing the EMV migration project for Credit & Debit on ATM & POS (Issuer & Acquirer).

PrimePoint was also engaged in Addressing all SAMA/Span2 certifications: Precertification’s & full Online certification Using Pre-Cert Tool: ASCert, and Credit card clearing certification using 3rd party AFS (Base1 & Base11). EMV Chip Card Certification with SAMA and MasterCard (maestro), MasterCard Certifications: TIP and NIV for ATM and POS, using MDS, MAS, SmartSpy tools and VISA Certification: ADVT, SMS Online, BaseI, BaseII, using VTS, VIP certifications tools.

During this assignment several activities related to the QA/Testing were completed: 
  • Managing, Developing & Executing: Project Test Plan, Cases, Scripts, Scenarios, Coverage Matrix Test, Data Test.
  • Managing, Developing & Executing: Project Test Plan, Cases, Scripts, Scenarios, Coverage Matrix Test, Data Test.
  • Full Regression Test Base24 with All Bank Channels & SAMA. Reconciliations and Settlements verifications.
  • Working on the Base24/SAMA messages format and protocol. Experience in issuing appl’s:P3, HSM.